The Torah, the Talmud, the Kabbalah…. These are the concepts generated by Judaism, the concepts that have stepped far beyond the framework of this religion. The law, the morals, philosophy, esoteric knowledge…. Four levels of Torah interpretation not contradicting each other, from simple direct understanding of the text to realizing its secret symbolic meaning.

The Creator's divine chariot, Adam and Eve, The symbols of the original sin, Cain and Abel, Noah and the Deluge, destruction of the Second Temple…. Sacred Hebrew and it's gematria, allegory, symbolism and mysticism – for the first time, the foundations of the Kabbalah conception of the world are reflected in art. The art of Boris Dubrov immerses us into kabbalistic realism he has created and named kabrealism….

Boris Dubrov. «The Kabbalistic Tree. 10 sephirot»

Steel. 320X162x6. 2009. Author`s collection

Ten Sacred Names of the Creator, Ten Divine Words, with which the world has been created, the Ten Plagues of Egypt, the Ten Commandments written upon the Tables of the Law, ten sidereal months from conception to the birth of a child...

Boris Dubrov. «The Mystery of the Merkabah»

(The Mystery of God’s Chariot)
Oil on canvas. 150X480. 2009. Author`s collection

The Creator’s Divine Chariot is driven by four sacred beasts, four forms of spiritual matter looking at four corners of the world…. The Lion and the Bull, the Eagle and the Man….

Boris Dubrov. «The Mystery of the Merkabah. Gevurah»

(The Mystery of God’s Chariot. Might)
Oil on canvas. 150х110. 2009. Autohr`s collection.

The Red Bull, a red tallit, red tzitzityot... The fear of death from fire, a death sentence for any fault…. The archangel of death Gabriel… Four red wings…

Boris Dubrov. «The Mystery of the Merkava. Hesed»

(The Mystery of God’s Chariot. Splendor)
Oil on canvas. 150х110. 2009. Author`s collection.

Mercy and kindness, absolute mercy and the ability to forgive even the gravest fault, the element of water opposing fire and the White Lion… The Creator’s love and the love of Man for the others, for the world, for himself… Archangel Rafael brings correction and recovery.

Boris Dubrov «The Mystery of the Merkabah. Tif’eret»

(The Mystery of God’s Chariot. Harmony)
Oil on canvas. 150х110. 2009. Author`s collection.

On the left, there is fire; on the right, there is water – their balance is in the harmony of the sephira of Tif’eret. The element of air, the Green Eagle, the green prayer shawl tallit, covering and guarding the Kingdom of Reality, the celestial and terrestrial Jerusalem… the color of birth and hope, the color of victory and life...

Boris Dubrov «The Mystery of the Merkabah. Malkhut»

(The Mystery of God’s Chariot. The Kingdom)
Oil on canvas. 150х110. 2009. Author`s collection.

The material world is the result, observer and co-Creator together, the fourth element of the Creator’s Divine Chariot. The face of a man looking at the picture of the Universe… Part of the material world and the fourth side of the spiritual matter created in the image of the Creator and endowed with the ability to create….

Boris Dubrov «Adam and Eve»

Oil, canvas. 140x270 cm. 2015

Boris Dubrov. «Harmony of the war»

Oil, canvas. 190x310 cm. 2016, Author`s collection

Adam and Eve, the first people, the first creature of God. God created them in his image. However, unlike God, they turned out to be less perfect. Already the stone hammer of Cain, their son, became the symbol of human wars. Throughout the history of humanity, some people killed the others out of hatred, jealousy, envy, anger and greed, and one series of wars was followed by the other….