Annual festival of new Israeli films «Kolnoa Darom» (Southern Cinema)

Presentation of the movie by Ilya (Falko) Ihman "Heart and Hammers" about the creation of the painting "Harmony of the war" by Israeli artist Boris Dubrov

June 12-15, 2017 - Festival of new Israeli films "Kolnoa Darom" at cinematec, Sderot, Israel - The film "Heart and Hammers". This 25-minute movie, created by Israeli documentary Ilya Falco, tells the story and shows the creating process of the painting "Harmony of the war" by the famous Israeli artist Boris Dubrov in 2016. This work tells about the artist's inner motives that inspired him to create the painting and about the inspiration he took from the history, literature and philosophy of the Jewish heritage.

The film's frames are not only record all the stages of creation, but also the artist's interpretation of the "first stone hammer of Cain" - the hammer, that became a symbol of endless wars throughout the history of mankind. The film reflects the artist's reasoning about the history going in a spirals, about the balance between philanthropy and aggression, compassion and hatred, peace and war ....

Artistic style of the painting, created by Boris Dubrov called kabrealism. By using of various artistic images and techniques the author shows the main meaning of Kabbalah - the ancient philosophical doctrine of Jewish sages, reflecting the search for man's harmony with himself and the world around him.