Exhibition «Shaarei galut» by Israeli artist Boris Dubrov

14.09.2017 at 19:30 in the Arie Klang House (Artists Gallery), Ashdod will host an exhibition of paintings by Israeli artist Boris Dubrov «Shaarei Galut»

On the eve of the Rosh Hashanah, the guests of the exhibition will enter the atmosphere of the world of shtetls dissolved in time. The life of the pre-war Jewish towns of Eastern Europe with its holidays and weekdays, sorrows and joys, fun and tears will appear in the pictures as distant childhood memories of our beloved fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers...

Bright artistic images of the inhabitants of such places will give the viewers the opportunity to once again feel that the expulsion from their own land and the forced diaspora did not affect the inner worldview of the Jewish people. And on the one hand, galut is a difficult life in an alien environment, with alien values and unavoidable assimilation, but on the other it is an incentive to preserve the people, human dignity and faith in the ultimate return to their homeland.

The realism of the painting of this cycle is conditional, since the artist fixes the exact objective reality not of the present day, but the irrevocably past. The past, which he gathered into his pictures from the traditions brought to Israel by the older generation, from the observations of the life of modern Hasidim, from the artistic heritage left to modern Israel by his great ancestors are artists, writers, musicians.

The feeling of long gone time is enhanced by the technique of classical multilayered painting, which allows the viewer to move to another space, in a different era, into the nostalgic past of the whole nation. The task of Boris Dubrov's deliberately exaggerated realism is to recreate the images of the departed world of our ancestors and preserve the memory of it in the exhibition "Shaarei Galut".

The address of the Arie Klang House (Artists Gallery) - Yair St 2, Ashdod, Israel, Ashdod, Israel.
The exhibition will last until 27.12.2017. Free admission.