Boris Dubrov «Fractal Sharon Schwarz»

Oil, canvas. 60х120. 2016.
Private collection, Sharon Schwarz, Tel Aviv, Israel

We come to this world and leave it. Our family, or those who are very special for us, come and leave too. Their decease is so very painful and leaves us with a heavy heart. However, the life is cyclic, and another love comes after pain, and … another death, … and … another dolor…

Boris Dubrov. «At the beginning of the road. Noah»

Oil, canvas. 150х120. 2009.
Author`s collection

Global flood…. There are forty days and forty nights of divine punishment for the moral fall of mankind...

Boris Dubrov. «At the beginning of the road. Cain and Abel »

Oil, canvas. 120х60. 2009.
Author`s collection

Cain and Abel, the elder and younger brothers personify agriculture and cattle breeding activity. There are two steps in the development of mankind ….

Boris Dubrov. «At the beginning of the road. Adam and Eve »

Oil, canvas. 120х90. 2007
Author`s collection

Adam and Eve are the first human couple and the first temptation associated with the first thought and the first step in the path of knowledge...